Accounts Receivable Clerk

Lake Worth, FL

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Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

This position performs the daily accounting functions required to ensure accurate and detailed information in regards to Praesum Healthcare and all the affiliated companies.

Job Description:

This position works directly with the Accounts Receivable Collection Manager.
2. Maintains a control spreadsheet for reconciliation between the general ledger and the explanation of benefits.
3. Reviews and obtains missing documents
4. Reviews and processes explanation of benefits with adjustments to create patient balances.
5. Prepares adjustments to balance accounts.
6. Participates in charge audit reviews.
7. Prepares audit reports, identifies errors and trends.
8. Ensures corrections and updates of audit billing discrepancies.
Reviews and resolution of credit card disputes.
10. Reviews and obtains missing documents and explanation of benefits from deposits via phone calls, Availity, Navinet, etc.
11. Prepares and mails referral source invoices.
12. Post referral sources payments
13. Responsible for organizing and filing of explanation of benefits
14. Reviews and request refunds.
15. Assist accounts receivable department as needed.
16. Ensures patient confidentiality in compliance with 42CFR, Part 2 and Praesum Healthcare and all affiliates privacy policies, procedures and practices as required by federal and state law in accordance with general principle of professionalism as a health care provider.
17. May access protected health information (PHI) and other patient information only to the extent that is necessary to complete their assigned job functions and may only share such information with those who have a need to know specific patient information to complete their job functions/responsibilities.
18. Interacts with fellow team members and patients in a respectful, professional manner.
19. Performs other duties as assigned.


minimum of 1-3 years of experience in an accounting/ bookkeeping role involving the processing of the billings.
Individual must be computer literate with proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.


High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
AA Degree or Vocational training preferred in accounting/bookkeeping.