Clinical Supervisor

Toms River, NJ

Job #


Job Type

Full Time

Job Description

The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the clinical staff.
The Clinical Supervisor maintains close communication with the clinical staff, provides any information relevant to the program’s operation and assists in developing and modifying the program.
He/she monitors documentation by the clinical staff to ensure that documentation is maintained at the highest level and is responsible to provide day and evening management of the clinical function of the facility.

Job Description and duties:

1. This individual works directly and indirectly with Clinical Director and handles all administrative supervision of all staff.
2. Responsible for monitoring all clinical services and documentation of staff, to ensure compliance with regulations and standard of quality established.
3. Responsible for curriculum development.
4. Responsible for coordinating and collaborating with senior management.
5. Chart audits and utilization review done daily.
6. Authentication in EHR of all clinical notes done daily.
7. Facilitation of multi-disciplinary staff meetings
8. Coordinate with APN for all ancillary services to ensure regulatory requirements are consistently met.
9. Maintain a small caseload
10. Perform assessments and other clinical services as needed.
11. Coordinate with referents to ensure quality for mutual clients and ongoing communication regarding care of those clients.
12. Provide training and professional development opportunities to staff
13. Participate in quality improvement efforts.
14. Manage staff schedules and PTO
15. Implement performance improvement plans
16. Assist in policy and procedure development as needed
17. Participate in marketing and networking events as needed
18. Develop network of local resources
19. Ensures patient confidentiality in compliance with 42CFR, Part 2 and Affinity’s privacy policies, procedures and practices as required by federal and state law in accordance with general principle of professionalism as a health care provider.
20. May access protected health information (PHI) and other patient information only to the extent that is necessary to complete their assigned job functions and may only share such information with those who have a need to know specific patient information to complete their job functions/responsibilities.
21. Interacts with fellow team members and patients in a respectful, professional manner.
22. Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and experience:

* Graduated from an accredited college or university
* A minimum of a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Social Work, Nursing, or health-related field.